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Established in 1939, the Hong Kong Printers Association (HKPA) is one of the longest-history trade organizations in the HKSAR. It aims to promote the growth of the local printing industry, voice industry's opinions to the Government, assist members in business development, as well as enhance relationships of employers and employees in the industry. The Association has now maintained a membership of 400 companies, consisting of local printers, publishing companies and printing machine and material suppliers. The members include international corporations, HK-listed companies, active SMEs and senior members of the industry.

Over the years, HKPA has organized a host of activities and services such as industry luncheons, large-scale exchange forums and seminars, overseas visits, free website and portal development services. It has also published industry newsletters, set up a training and research center, and established employment agreements for the industry. The Association strives to provide the latest industry and business news for its members with various channels, aiming to help HK printing industry to grasp first-hand information on the local and international business environments. As a result, Hong Kong printing industry will maintain its competitiveness.

HKPA is keeping in close contact with local and overseas organizations. As the amount of factory investment of Hong Kong companies in Zhuhai Delta area increases, the Association has strengthened its link with organizations in this area by jointly holding activities and exchanging information. It has been actively assisting in transforming Zhuhai Delta area into a "world printing center".

Moreover, The Association successfully applied a fund of HK$800 million from the "Innovative Technology Fund" of the HKSAR Government and jointly set up the "Advanced Printing Technology Centre" with Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Kwun Tong Branch) in 1999. With the support of the world's leading printing equipment companies, the center has installed a total of HK$15 million worth of the most state-of-the-art equipment, making it comparable to those in Europe and the US. The center focuses on providing research, test and training services. It has been renamed as "Advanced Printing Technology Center Ltd." and become a subsidiary of the Association since 1st Feb. 2003.

Looking back the development of the local printing industry, it has transformed itself from a cluster of family-run small companies to become one of the world's four largest printing centers. This demonstrates the self-growing spirit of the industry. Over the past 60 years, HKPA has been developing with time, providing up-to-date services to meet the needs of the members. In future, the Association and Advanced Printing Technology Center Ltd. will continue to work closely together to organize activities and services for optimal benefits of the members and the industry.


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